Thai Garlic

Choice of meat stir fried with fresh garlic in special sauce served with crispy broccoli and topped with fried garlic, black pepper and cilantro.


Thai Spicy Basil

Choice of meat sauteed with Thai fresh chilli, garlic, bell peppers, baby corn, mushrooms and Thai basil in special sauce.


Thai Pepper Steak

Sliced marinated beef with bell peppers, white onions and scallions in special sauce.


Cashew Chicken

Sliced chicken sauteed with cashew nuts, bell pepper, white onions, carrots, baby corn, mushrooms, scallions and roasted red pepper in special sauce.


Mongolian Beef

Grilled marinated beef served with spinach, carrots and bean sprouts and topped with sweet and spicy sauce and sesame seeds.


Bataba (3)

Bataba bread stuffed with marinated chicken or vegetables, white onions, carrots, potatoes and bell pepper. Served with cucumber salad.


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